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Optical fiber transmission technology development trend: high speed, large capacity and long distance

Date:Sep 13,2017


A few days ago, Japan electric company created a new world record that successfully demonstrated single fiber for long distance transmission, which is more than 11000km and its capacity is 50.9Tbps. This is the first time that the 50 Tb transmission over 10000km can be achieved by using C L-band  EDFA (erbium-doped fiber amplifier ). Behind the new record, it's the fierce battle for long distance optical fiber transmission between big technology companies.


Companies like Hengtong, Changfei, zhongtian, Fenghuo are striving for low loss and large effective area fiber to satisfy long distance transmission.


With the development of technology, Network demands more for data transmission capacity and transmission speed. With high capacity, high speed and long distance, long distance fiber is becoming more and more important and is widely applied to fields such as military and financial areas, especially for network connecting the bottom of the world, long distance fiber plays an important role in it.


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