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Tongwen of Huwei said that Huwei mainly focus on three points in Building 5 g end-to-end competitiveness Huawei three points.

Date:Oct 11,2017

 Everything is a little bit closer to 5 g era, resulting a new era of Internet will also be opened.

For 5 g, TongWen, 5 g huawei's chief scientist said in an interview with a reporter that building the end-to-end competitiveness is not a product but technology standard products and ecological coordination.

 So what do huawei mainly do in the whole development process of 5 g industry? Huawei in 5 g industry chain mainly focus on three points: technology research to long-term investment, building the unified standards product solutions and performance having essential change steps leaps, dedicating to the industry cooperation and filling building." TongWen said

5 g technology standard peer product performance has essential jumping steps.

Hand in hand with industry partners to build 5 g ecological health.

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