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M1 in Singapore launched the world's first symmetrical 10 GBPS pon.

Date:Oct 30,2017

M1 upgrades and expands its service plans for corporate clients including the world's first 10 GBPS symmetric passive optical networks.

New symmetric pon business will make m1 in Singapore with low latency speed of 10 GBPS symmetry  to make sure SDN, cloud computing, 8 k and 4 k bit rate of video transmission.

In addition, m1 also launched a new unified operation monitoring center to provide customers with real-time information of public or private cloud infrastructure.

This will include the upcoming equipment fault early warning, enabling the company to the active maintenance to repair the potential failure.

The corporate sector is the key to the m1 growth sector . We accelerate the investment in technology infrastructure and expertise to better serve for our customers, said Willis sim, the chief enterprise sales and solution officer of M1.

Through successful launching pon symmetry of the solution, the next generation of unified operation monitoring center and optical fiber to the building infrastructure, M1 can provide advanced custom high bandwidth connections to meet our customer's ever-growing demand on on the Internet,the wisdom Cloud and big data solutions, he added.

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