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650 million! The project of the high-speed optical module was set up

Date:Nov 20,2017
    Recently, the sino-international xu chuang issued a notice to invest 650 million to set up a wholly owned subsidiary "suzhou xu chuang" high-speed optical module project. It is understood that this project belongs to the production of new construction, and will fully set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of suzhou xuchuang, a wholly owned subsidiary, and responsible for the construction of the project. The project is expected to be in construction for three years. This project intends to buy land, factory building, office building and supporting facilities, to the expansion of the plant and other supporting facilities, making it can produce the production base of advanced optical module, integrating research, development, production and office.
    The solectron suzhou in anhui tongling economic and technological development zone the light of the new module production projects are built, a wholly owned subsidiary will improve suzhou solectron technology co., LTD. High speed optical communication modules and related products batch delivery ability, cost competitiveness. In addition, it will build a larger platform for future research and development of new products, as well as the development of local upstream and downstream industry chains.

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