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Hundreds of millions of gigabytes of 5G "feast" have already started the China 5G development roadmap (stock)

Date:Nov 27,2017
The fourth global 5G conference, held in South Korea on December 22, attracted the participation of global giants. The theme of this meeting is "5G - accelerating the fourth industrial revolution". The European Union introduced a 5G test route at the conference Figure. In addition to the European Union, the 5G process in places like China, the United States and South Korea is accelerating. Chinese companies are looking around the world, seizing opportunities for pre-business opportunities.
On the 23rd, the ministry of industry and information technology released a notice on the phase iii work of the development of 5G technology. Previously, the ministry of industry and information technology confirmed the use of 5G and pointed out that it would "strive to launch 5G pre-commercial products with international standards". this it means that when the first international standard version is completed in mid-2018, there will be 5G pre-commercial products in our country.
In fact, the three major operators have already plotted the layout. China mobile has launched a large-scale outdoor experiment of 5G this year. China telecom will carry out the verification of 5G basic networking in six cities in 2018 and strive to achieve 5G key cities by 2020. While China unicom will conduct a pilot test of 5G commercial products in 2018.

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