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Zte has built a network of over 100G optical transmission networks in Mexico

Date:Nov 29,2017
China mobile telecom technology provider ZTE and telefonica's Mexican subsidiary Movistar have announced that the ultra-100g optical transmission network built in Mexico has been officially put into commercial use.
The optical transmission network will cover three major cities, Mexico City, monterrey and guadalajara, according to the report.
Movistar, Mexico's second-largest mobile operator, has more than 25 million users. In recent years, the massive deployment of 4G networks and the increasing demand for high-speed bandwidth have faced unprecedented pressure and challenges in the existing optical transmission networks.
Zte's ZXONE 9700 next-generation optical transmission technology for Movistar deployment can help solve the above problems.
Zte said that the production of the ultra-100g optical transmission network could meet the demand of Movistar, a mobile operator in the region for the next five to 10 years.

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