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2018,5G new stage!

Date:Dec 11,2017

    5G new stage: 2018 is a turning point for 5G, 5G will enter a new stage of commercial product development research and development. In 2018, there will be tremendous changes in the new communication network. As the 5G technology continues to mature and the 5G standard freezing point is determined, the Internet of Things and communications industry will enter a new cycle with many business opportunities. New Trends in 5G: 5G Increasing the deployment of bearer networks and subsidies for Internet of Things (IoTs) continue to be introduced. The voice of Chinese equipment makers is continuously improving. Policies, funds and technologies are well placed to accelerate the industry's upgrading. 5G New Growth: In October this year, the average mobile Internet access per household reached 2.25G, an increase of 147.8% over October last year and an increase of 14.8% over November. The average flow rate and the average increase of both households hit record highs. Driven by technology, the number of connections and data traffic continued to explode. With the rapid growth in the Internet of Things and mobile data traffic, the investment pace of 5G is expected to accelerate and the catalysis of science and technology leader Baima is expected to increase in combination with its performance. It is estimated that by 2019, the communications network will basically achieve 5G while China will also become one of the first countries to launch the 5G system construction.

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