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Acacia Communications CFP2-DCO module is coming soon

Date:Dec 13,2017
Recently, Acacia Communications, a leading provider of optical module products, announced the official availability of its CFP2-DCO module, which supports 100Gbps and 200Gbps transmission. The CFP2-DCO module helps cloud and telecom providers reduce operational and capital expenses, extend transmission distances and accelerate the time to market of high-capacity solutions.
Benny Mikkelsen, Founder and CTO at Acacia, said: "Our team has done very well in developing high performance and low power solutions, and the development of an OIF CFP2-DCO implementation agreement means that the package will be widely used in the optical networking industry And supports transmission up to 400 Gbps, the CFP2-DCO provides long-term return on investment for network operators. "
Andrew Schmitt, founder and principal analyst at Cignal AI, has also said that Acacia's 200Gbps CFP2-DCO is the most popular product in the second half of this year with unrivaled performance and power consumption.
Acacia Communications' award-winning CFP2-DCO module is sampling from 2016 and supports panel densities four times that of the CFP-DCO. Acacia's CFP2-DCO incorporates Meru DSP ASIC and silicon photonic ICs based on 16nm CMOS technology.
In the future 5G era, with the upgrading of network light, optical module suppliers will become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

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