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5G era, the demand for high-end modules increased, the turning point of the rise of new businesses

Date:Dec 25,2017
With the expansion of the domestic large data center, the construction of 5G is approaching, and the demand for high-end optical modules in China will rise linearly.
Affected by last year's inventory, the optical module market is expected to have a low demand for the optical module market of operators. However, with the advent of 5G, the era of all optical networks is inevitably coming. The demand for optical modules will be more than 3 times that of 4G, and from 6G Upgrade to 25G-based, volume and price there is room for simultaneous increases. The growth of overseas large-scale data centers and the upgrade of the domestic cloud computing center will bring about the demand for 40G / 100G high-end optical modules.
In addition, the market worried about the bottleneck of high-end products will be resolved by the end of 2017 25G chip overseas capacity release, high-end optical module shipments will be further enhanced.

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