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ZTE bet 5G and Internet of things

Date:Dec 27,2017
ZTE's semi-annual report for 2017 shows that its revenue contribution is the largest contributor to the carrier network business, accounting for nearly 60%, followed by the consumer business accounted for 30%, government business accounted for only 6.97%. Among them, the consumer business is ZTE's handset business. IDC data shows that global smartphone shipments of ZTE 2016 have declined by 36.5% compared with 2015, while ZTE handsets have sold 56 million units in 2015, while China only contributed 15 million units. ZTE in the domestic market share and brand awareness has dropped out of the top ten.
Worthy of hope is ZTE's carrier business. On December 22, ZTE announced that a joint Italian carrier has conducted a 5G trial to test 5G services and technologies to support the timely deployment of commercial networks. An insider believes that ZTE has invested heavily in operators' wireless products business and also has considerable strength.
Liu Qicheng said, "Without 5G, equipment manufacturers will be even more sad days, but how big 5G investment scale is not good, 10 cycles, before and after 2010 4G, before and after 2020 is 5G, there are hundreds of billions of investment, with the surrounding Investment trillion, equipment manufacturers will have a large sum of income. "
However, 5G is still about two years before commercial, far-water difficult to quench thirst. ZTE is also looking for another huge market that is growing rapidly.
"Now we all treasure the 5G and the Internet of things, the original is the communication of people, the limited number of connections, all things connected devices, the number of connections is unlimited." ZTE CTO Yu Yi said to the media, The Internet of Things is the most complicated and promising industry that he has ever seen. From the chips, modules, terminals, platforms, networks, applications, operations and the Internet of Things, this seemingly lengthy industry chain has finally ushered in a comprehensive The best time to mature. "In China, operators such as China Telecom have set up the world's largest NB-IoT network covering the whole country and the original mature 4G technologies and network coverage of the three operators. A strong IoT-based network has become A huge driving force.

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