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Huawei teamed with Telefonica to complete the TSDN verification test based on the optical layer ASON network

Date:Jan 15,2018
Recently, Huawei and Telefonica jointly announced that they have successfully completed the TSDN solution test and verification based on the optical layer ASON network. The test results show that the TSDN solution can comprehensively enhance the ability of planning, managing, monitoring and other aspects of the optical layer ASON network. This will build a solid foundation for subsequent TSDN commercial deployments.
Telefónica started the deployment of the world's largest optical ASON network in 2009, covering more than 200 sites across Spain. The network adopts the most flexible ROADM configuration and the advanced optical layer ASON intelligent control plane at the time. The network brings great challenges to network operation and maintenance while significantly improving the reliability and flexibility of the service.
In response to the optical layer ASON network operation and maintenance problems, Telefonica joined Huawei to carry out TSDN solution based on optical layer ASON test and verification. By adding SDN centralized controller as the brain of the network, the solution real-time centralized control of the entire network of business and resources to quickly identify business risks, pre-set the recovery path, take precautionary measures.
Huawei TSDN solution also provides the industry's first global optimal algorithm for optical layer ASON, which can provide the optimal wavelength path for the service so as to optimize network spectrum usage efficiency and enable continuous high performance operation of the network. In addition, Huawei's Network Cloud Engine integrates each functional unit of "online planning, management, control and analysis" to realize intelligent operation of the business and intelligentization of network operation and maintenance.

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