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Semtech and MultiPhy Announce 100G Single-Way Chipset with EML Optics

Date:Mar 22,2018
OFC, San Diego, CA, USA – March 2018 – Semtech Corporation (NASDAQ: SMTC) and MultiPhy Ltd, global market leader in DSP-based high-bandwidth communications, announce that they will leverage industry-leading single-wavelength support for 100G The PHY/PMD chipset for Ethernet and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) optical modules provides the latest, groundbreaking demonstration of 100G single-wavelength technology. The two companies will demonstrate the new chipset through optical links that run more than 2 kilometers on the OFC 2018. The single-wavelength 100G technology is expected to drastically reduce the cost of Terabit networking, and is a key component in building next-generation hyperscale data centers and emerging 5G wireless networks.
The demonstration consists of multiple 2-kilometer links that use Semtech's FiberEdgeTM chipset and MultiPhy's FlexPhy device to drive EML optics. The solution includes Semtech's FiberEdge GN1860 EML driver with high output swing and linearity, Semtech's GN3289 linear light receiving sub-module (ROSA) and GN1089 high-performance low-noise linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA), and MultiPhy's FlexPhy. Designed to provide a comprehensive solution to achieve 100G single-wavelength interconnects.
 "Semtech's FiberEdge chip set once again set the standard for 100G single-wavelength technology. This publicly-displayed fully-operable, 2-kilometer link with low-cost EML optics marks an important step for us in the 100G single-wavelength market. One step,” said Gary Beauchamp, executive vice president and general manager of Signal Integrity Products at Semtech.
MultiPhy's FlexPhy platform is a low-power, high-performance DSP that uses state-of-the-art signal processing technology to enable next-generation data centers and wireless networks. The device's mission mode is a single 100G PAM4 IO pair on the docking line side after converting the 4x25Gbps NRZ CAUI4 host bus. The device is available in a small BGA package with a high-speed IO layout optimized for use in the QSFP28 module.
 "100G single-wavelength technology will dominate the next-generation data center network. The delivery of complete solutions including DSP / PMD will provide our customers with faster integration and shorter time-to-market, and accelerate the adoption of this new technology. "MultiPhy CEO Avi Shabtai said. "PAM4-based DSPs can implement a paradigm shift in the optical data center connectivity market by using single wavelength processing capabilities to simplify optical systems and optimize cost and power consumption."

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