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Korea Telecom will launch 5G commercial service in early 2019

Date:Mar 28,2018
Korean telecom company KT has confirmed that it will launch commercial services for 5G networks in March next year.
Korea Telecom will launch 5G commercial service in March 2019
Last month, during the Pingchang Winter Olympics, the Korean telecommunication company provided 5G trial services, including simultaneous viewing, interactive video, 360-degree virtual reality live broadcasting and all-round viewing, and delivered various quality video clips to the audience in real time. In addition, the company also exhibited a 5G-connected automatic bus in Pingchang.
South Korea Telecom revealed that the launch of commercial 5G products and services is progressing smoothly next year. South Korea Telecom kept its promise three years ago to become the world’s first 5G network trial service at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Oh Seong-mok, head of Korea Telecom’s network business, said, “In March 2019, we will introduce the perfect 5G commercial service.”
Although Korea Telecom’s goal is to eventually provide 5G services for mobile phones operating on the national network, in the initial stage, the connection may be limited to some major cities in the country before it can be extended to other parts of Korea.

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