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Special Prices in Thanksgiving Season

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Save more than 30%;

Buy 100pcs get 10pcs FREE;

Buy 1000pcs get 100pcs FREE;


6COM item No. Description
1.25G SFP LC connecter
6C-SFP-0301D SFP 1.25G 850nm 550m double fiber LC connecter
6C-SFP-0310D SFP 1.25G 1310nm 10km double fiber LC connecter
6C-WDM-0220AD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1310nmRX1550nm 10/20km LC connecter
6C-WDM-0220BD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1550nmRX1310nm 10/20km LC connecter
6C-WDM-0240AD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1310nmRX1550nm 40km LC connecter
6C-WDM-0240BD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1550nmRX1310nm 40km LC connecter
1.25G SFP SC connecter
6C-WDM-0203ASD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1310nmRX1550nm 3km SC connecter
6C-WDM-0203BSD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1550nmRX1310nm 3km SC connecter
6C-WDM-0220ASD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1310nmRX1550nm 10/20km SC connecter
6C-WDM-0220BSD BIDI SFP 1.25G TX1550nmRX1310nm 10/20km SC connecter
1.25G Copper SFP
6C-SFP-T 10/100/1000M copper SFP RJ45 100m
6C-SFP-M 1000M copper SFP RJ45 100m
6C-SFP+-SR SFP+ 10G 850nm 300m double fiber LC connecter
6C-SFP+-LR SFP+ 10G 1310nm 10km double fiber LC connecter


1.Valid time:November 11th to 12th. December;
2.Delivery time:1-3 working days after order confirmed;
3.All with DDM;
4.All can compatible with cisco/juniper/Huawei/Alcatel-lucent......;




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