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Zhongtian Technology: The layout of new energy, optical fiber cable and submarine cable working together.

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5G puts great demand on growth at home and abroad and continues to drive the fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable business is good for network  transmission  construction and later full-scale infrastructure of 5 g network. Three major operators invest to build optical fiber network. 10 billion investment of Electrical connectivity platform increase the demand on it within five years. Business at home and abroad  also promotes fiber optic cable price rebound. Light sticks, company production continues to grow, but it is still a gap. The supply and demand remains tense. With light bar and optical cable integrated production, layout, and matching capacity and technology advantage of VAD, all of which are continuing to benefit the whole industry.

We win 2 billion orders of wire and cable, which makes power transmission business rapid development: the company keeps its leading role in power transmission. According to the State Grid planning, by 2020, it will establish the east and west synchronous power grid, invest and operate 19 HVDC project. The overall form sent by the end of structure is clear, the line length, Substation (converter) capacity of The coordinated development of ac/dc backbone network frame are 8.9 kw, 000 kilometers The company continues to win large orders recently. Its performance supports the rapid development of Power Transmission Business.

Policy supports rapid growth of submarine cable and the offshore wind business. May, 2017, National Ocean Science Observation was approved to establish officially. The total investment of project is over 2 billion and building period is 5 years. Zhongtian Technology's submarine cable technology and products have several international certification and its business ability keeps in the international leading level.  National Energy Administration promulgated a number of policy to support the development of the offshore wind business acceleration. As companies achieving technological breakthroughs in high pressure on the submarine cable and the connection box, and other products, the important Complete submarine cable solution will be just around the corner.

The layout of Lithium batteries and photovoltaic business, the new energy industry coordinate and work together, Zhongtian Technology rapidly increases in energy business. In  Lithium battery business, the competition of power battery industry is fierce. Industry standards and optimizes. Company's self-developing cutting-edge technology has won international recognition. Company views the application for energy storage battery as a new trend of energy battery, vigorously develop business of energy storage and industrial layout. Zhongtian energy storage has completed 2 billion watts of power battery project and wins plot project in Jiangsu province, which is expected to make both ends and meet. In Pv, industry needs keeps stable growth. With the distributed photovoltaic and the main growth point coordinating with energy storage technology, the company keeps on creating its mode of business.

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