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Supporting network power to promote industrial upgrading, Fenghuo Technology Beijing international communication show began

Number of visits: Date:2017-10-09

  On Sep.27,2017, China International Exhibition on information communication" sponsored by the ministry of industry and information technology and ccpit ,opened at the national conference center. Remark by Chen Zhaoxiong, the deputy minister of Ministry of industry and information technology, the opening BBS by zhangfeng, the chief engineer, keynote speech by Yu Shaohua, engineer of The Chinese academy.

  Chen pointed that promoting the development of Information and Communication Industry and deepening its coordinated development withvarious fields are the keypoint of the construction of network power. He hopes everyone devoting himself in the innovative development wave by  Internet+, Digital sharing economy.He also encouraged people to grasp the creative, innovating, coordinated development opportunities to enhance industrial foundation, to flourish the digital economy, to create a good environment thus promoting the information industry achieving a new leap.

  The exhibition its theme to "promote the integration innovation, build network power", displays about 4 sq meters. More than 10 countries and 400 famous enterprises attended it, which fully shows latest update in Network infrastructure, information consumption, digital economy and in double support and financing hotspot. Based on supporting network power to promote industrial upgrading, Fenghuo Technology is aimed at supporting challenges and opportunities of Internet Power strategy and shares technology strategy and comprehensive solution to satisfy independence, safest and the controlling "cloud network integration" when heading to 5G Internet.

  A lot of people gathered in its stand on the first day show, including four major telecom operators customers all over the country. They  deeply discussed new challenges and opportunities of Internet and showed customers the comprehensive solution on 5G for the clients andthe new products such as Silicon chips and light module of the large capacity all-optical techniques. its stand attracted so many people for its VR3D experience.

  Network Power provides great opportunities for the development of Fenghuo network integration strategy. Fenghuo will grab ICT the change of technology opportunities, focus on the needs of customers and lead technology innovation to firmly build its leading products and professional service. Also it will continue to grow together with the customers and partners, contribute to build a national secure network. 

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