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ZTE collaborates with velcom on the first commercial NB-IoT network in Belarus

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Recently, ZTE and operator Velcom announced the first commercial NB-IoT network in Belarus. velcom is the second largest wireless operator in Belarus and its wireless network and core network are exclusively constructed by ZTE with excellent network performance and user ARPU topped the list.
From the end of 2016, ZTE has started a series of cooperation with velcom for NB-IoT. In April 2017, on the TIBO, Belarus's largest annual communication show, ZTE demonstrated its exclusive NB-IoT end-to-end smart meter reading business. After the show, ZTE and velcom completed all the tests before the commercial deployment. In December, they officially announced the commercial NB-IoT network in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, realizing intelligent meter reading. Follow-up, velcom will also gradually complete NB-IoT in the nationwide deployment. At the same time, velcom actively organizes local partners to jointly promote the mature deployment of the business. At present, it has cooperated with GRAN-SYSTEMA-C, JSC Aktagor Telecom, a leading manufacturer of energy and instruments in the country, and InDelCo, Leading Telemetry and Industrial Automation Company in Belarus. Promote the development of IoT eco-industrial circle.
Mikhail Timonin, IT Director at velcom, said: "We expect the deployment of the NB-IoT network to push technology developers to more proactively try and deploy advanced technology solutions in Belarus that can significantly improve the quality of life for local residents, Enhance the efficiency of business operations. "
Belarus is one of the few official commercial NB-IoT networks in Europe that will be used in a wider range of areas. Velcom Network Planning Minister Aleksey Karnitsky said: "Velcom will become one of the leaders in the IoT industry and many planned projects will save lives more effectively, manage cities more efficiently and make more rational use of resources." NB-IoT In the future, it will become the basis for implementing many high-tech projects. "Velcom CTO Christian Laque also highly praised ZTE's technology leadership and looked forward to ZTE's continued strong support for NB-IoT's commercial operation in Belarus and market preemption .
NB-IoT has won the favor of major carriers and device vendors with the benefits and value of wide coverage, low power consumption, low cost, and large connectivity. As a leading end-to-end solution provider in the industry, ZTE is dedicated to promoting the rapid development of the industry chain. ZTE Microelectronics officially released the NB-IoT Security IoT chip in September 2017, reaching a very low sleep current of 2uA, guaranteeing the smart meter's 10-year service life. ZTE's wireless network supports smooth upgrade, rapid deployment of mobile Internet of Things business, shorten the deployment cycle and reduce investment costs. Recently, a new generation of PaaS-based networking platform ThingxCloud Xing Yun release, on the application, the next device, endogenous data, enabling the Internet of things, help the ecosystem, opened the Internet of things to build, share and win-win new model.
ZTE has been actively promoting the commercialization of NB-IoT. By mid-2017, it will help China Telecom to build its first nationwide NB-IoT network. ZTE Corporation, a leading technology company in the world's largest cellular Internet of Things acquisition Became the core supplier and jointly completed the first R14 standard function test jointly with China Mobile. ZTE actively participated in the commercial trial of NB-IoT in key cities such as Shenzhen and Tianjin. At the same time, it has also conducted extensive cooperation with more than 20 operators around the world, including MTN in South Africa, Softbank in Japan and Telenet in Belgium. ZTE Corporation will work with its global partners to jointly promote the NB-IoT industry, provide intelligent application foundation to many industries and create more value for customers through advanced technologies.

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