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2018 smart phone industry, AI chip +5 G network brought changes!

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As time goes by 2018, the innovation in the field of smart phones presents the trend of rain. By the second half of 2017 artificial intelligence, full screen, face recognition innovation trend, the 2018 smartphone industry is still full of expectations. This year's Smart Weather Vane will be unveiled at CES 2018 in the last two days and MWC 2018 at the end of February. However, we predict that this year's smartphones will generate disruptive changes with the help of the AI ​​chip + 5G network.
In the area of ​​AI chips, Huawei unveiled the Kirin 970 mobile processor with integrated neural network NPU as early as the end of 2017. Qualcomm also introduced its third-generation AI chip Snapdragon 845 also in the tail of 2017. MediaTek is also planning to launch this year The main AI and face recognition P-series chips; Similarly, Apple will also bring more performance in September A12 AI series processors.
In the field of AI mobile chips, the products of these manufacturers have set the "artificial intelligence" tone for the 2018 smart phone field. Similarly, MIIT and the three major carriers are intensely conducting off-site testing of 5G networks in terms of mobile networks that affect the smartphone experience, setting out specific business timetables. The impact of the 5G network on the 2018 smart phone industry innovation is obvious.
At the 2017 Global Tech World Smart World Congress, Li Jinliang, the founder of China's mobile communications field, made it clear that the killer application in the 4G / 5G Internet era will be a 3D application. The transfer of information display will also be from two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition, which will be the future trend of mobile network development. It is also predicted that the 3D applications based on computational vision in the future 5G network will be mushroomed and it will be possible for stereoscopic images to enter into tens of thousands of households like stereo sound.
Therefore, the obvious trend is that the 2018 AI chip +5 G network will affect the smart phone manufacturers to design innovation, an important factor, but also in 3D modeling, AR, face recognition will also be a breakthrough. This point, the domestic handset manufacturers ivvi technology with the parent company ultra-dimensional and "smart 3D" and other core technologies won the fast one step ahead.
For smart 3D, ivvi mobile phone CEO Li Bin has said that "smart 3D integration of existing naked eye 3D results, the new AI artificial intelligence and AR augmented reality technology, access to more and more interesting experience display platform. The future of intelligent 3D Market share will be more and more big, computer vision innovation combined with AI artificial intelligence, it will show a more interesting and fun experience. "

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