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Hengtong optical network to Sri Lanka to carry out project technical support.

Number of visits: Date:2018-01-22
Recently, Hengtong Communication Industry Group Jiangsu Hengtong Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd. sent a team of technicians to Sri Lanka to provide on-site technical support and training to the prosperous winter stockings, which has won the customer's consistent high praise and helped the company continue to march international market.
In 2017, Hengtong Optical Network won the FTTH project of pilot project of Sri Lankan telecom building with the advanced technology of smart city fiber access network technology, program flexibility and quality reliability. It is mainly responsible for providing a full range of engineering integrated solutions and The corresponding service support.
Good service work, Hengtong Optical Internet Organization set up a special FTTH project team, fully cooperate with the project's various processes. Due to the flexibility of the project, in order to ensure that the construction team accurately master the key technologies, the technical team of Hengtong Optical FTTH project has made a special trip to Sri Lanka for training of customers, answering technical problems, assisting customers to test and eliminate equipment failures, and finally ensure that the project Completed within the prescribed time. Shi Weiming, general manager of Hengtong Guangwang, said: "The continuous enhancement of overseas communications and the continuous improvement of overseas service quality will be conducive to giving full play to the advantages of products and resources." This FTTH project fully proved the advantages of Hengtong Guangwang's full range of supporting services and strength."
In 2016, Hengtong Guangwang formally entered the Sri Lankan telecom optical fiber home market with its own FTTH field investigation and technical solution design, equipment and materials supply and construction and project experience, and built the first FTTH Pilot FTTH engineering". The prosperous people, with their wisdom and perseverance, continue to build a new and more interconnected new world for the people of Sri Lanka.
Hengtong Guangwang is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing ODN optical communication equipment and is one of the most complete product categories in the industry. In recent years, with the implementation of the national broadband strategy and the rapid construction of smart cities, Hengtong Optical continuously intensified its R & D and integration efforts to promote EPC EPC projects and led the optical wiring business out of the country with construction projects. The business has covered markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe and other regions.

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