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Eliminating the digital divide and promoting fiber into the village

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Lang Kuiping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of China Mobile Communications Corporation Liaoning Co., Ltd., said that he will make every effort to reduce and eliminate the "digital divide" between rural and urban areas.
Lang Kuiping said that full coverage of 4G networks, 5G pilots, and reduction of communication tariffs are the priorities of Liaoning Mobile in 2018. “We will select advanced equipment manufacturing, robotics, and medical industries to conduct application trials and strengthen research on integrated application of innovation in the vertical industry so that 5G can change society and support the economic transformation and development of Liaoning.”
"In 2018, we will do our utmost to achieve full coverage of rural 4G networks." Lang Kuiping said that at present, the population coverage of Liaoning Mobile's 4G network has reached 94%, and the administrative village and above have achieved 100% coverage, and the remaining 6% More concentrated in the remote natural village. Liaoning Mobile will actively promote fiber-optic communications into rural areas, provide 100M broadband services, and strive to reduce and eliminate the "digital divide" between rural and urban areas.
As the pilot city of “5G network construction and application demonstration project”, Shenyang will speed up the construction of the 5G basic trial network in the first half of this year. In the second half of the year, it will conduct business exploration based on the “big bandwidth, low latency, and large connectivity” capabilities. Improve the efficiency of various industries in production and circulation.
As a major industrial province, Liaoning has a complete range of industries. In the process of transformation and development, “Internet + equipment manufacturing industry” is particularly important for the revitalization of Liaoning. Lang Kuiping said that Liaoning will actively promote the construction of a new generation of Internet infrastructure, especially building a data center for China Mobile in Shenyang and Dalian, providing basic conditions for Liaoning to carry big data, cloud computing, IDC, and artificial intelligence. In the future, Liaoning Mobile will continue to expand its capabilities and complete the construction of a new generation of cellular internet of things, providing enterprises across the province with space for the development of the Internet of Things.

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