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Huawei takes the lead in completing the third phase NSA functional testing of China's 5G technology R&D test

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Recently, Huawei successfully completed the 3G-based 5G NSA (Non-Stand Alone, non-independent networking) C-Band device functional test during the third phase of China's 5G technology R&D trial organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group. . This is the first system functional test for the first official version based on 5G NR since 3GPP announced the completion of the 5G new air interface (5G NR, NewRadio) standard based on the NSA architecture in December 2017.
It is reported that this test includes the physical layer basic functions, physical channels, link adaptation and scheduling, multiple antenna technology, EN-DC (LTE-NR Dual-Connectivity), CU-DU (Central Unit - (Distributed Unit) 5G key content and early deployment scenarios such as separation architecture. This NSA functional verification is an important part of the third stage test of China's 5G technology R&D experiment, and it is of great significance to early implementation of 5G deployment by some leading operators.
In this test, Huawei used the 5G end-to-end products based on the 3GPP standard that were introduced at the 2018 Pakistan Exhibition, deployed multiple sets of NR base stations and test terminals in the laboratory, and took the lead in completing the testing of all mandatory examples. In the test, the Option3xNSA networking solution that has a small impact on the live network is selected. 4G is used as the anchor point of the control plane, and LTE and 5G NR dual connectivity are used. In the initial stage of 5G deployment, better service continuity will be maintained and 5G construction will be supported. The initial stage of the network is based on the rapid networking of LTE-NR NSA and the future is oriented towards the full-spectrum NR SA network.
According to Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei's 5G product line, “2018 is the first year of 5G commercial use. Huawei's Phase 5 of China's 5G technology R&D trial focuses on 5G commercial system verification. It requires end-to-end support for both NSA and SA, NSA and SA. Industrial ecology, NSA quickly established the network in the early stage, and SA enabled the digitization of the entire industry.The completion of the NSA functional verification marks the first step in Huawei’s successful lead in the third phase of China’s 5G technology research and development. Huawei will continue to research and develop 5G technology in China. During the trials, we have actively and solidly tried to develop tests such as networking and interoperability, and worked together with industry partners to promote the maturation of 5G commercial products and the synergy of the industrial chain.”
China's 5G technology research and development trials will be conducted during the period from 2016 to the end of 2018 and will be divided into three phases: 5G key technology trials, 5G technical program verification, and 5G system verification. The third phase of China's 5G technology research and development test was officially launched in February 2018 at the Huairou 5G field in Beijing. Huawei was the earliest industrial equipment manufacturer to invest in the test. Up to now, Huawei's 5G test network in China's 5G technology and R&D experiments in Huairou Outfield has begun to take shape and is fully supporting the next NSA field test activities.

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