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The rapid development of 5G to boost the arrival of holographic communication

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In the picture of a science fiction film, 3D holography is no longer a fresh stem, and in the classic movie star wars of the last century, we have had a picture of holography. The caller appeared vividly in front of us, remembering the first time I saw this scene in a movie, I was suddenly captured by this magical technology. But we all know clearly that it is not the real world, but the director's painstakingly depicted vision for the future.


However, with the advent of the 5G era, the future seems to be no longer so far-fetched, unconsciously, holographic communication gradually reveals the seemingly achievable. Although at the present level, the effect of holographic communication is far from the ideal, but the technological breakthrough in this direction brings us the confidence to look to the future.

Holographic communication needs to be achieved through a variety of technical combinations. The user calls in front of a special camera with a lens and a microphone. The lens converts the user into a digital image for network transmission. At the recipient side, the screen is projected onto a special steam screen by a laser projector to achieve 3D. The presentation of the picture. In this process, the 5G high speed transmission technology, VR, laser projection and other technologies are closely matched. The difficulties that need to face can not be summed up in one or two sentences.

In the process of realizing holographic calls, 5G transmission technology will play a crucial role. It is precisely because 5G has high bandwidth, low latency, high reliability and other outstanding characteristics that we have the courage to imagine the practical feasibility of holographic communication.

  At present, the world is vigorously promoting the construction of 5G to seize the opportunity. Operators in the communications industry take the lead, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the communications industry cooperate closely to provide related equipment and supporting services. Communications equipment manufacturers represented by ZTE, Ericsson and NOKIA are competing fiercely for more orders. Recently, according to foreign media reports, NOKIA has taken the third largest u. S. telecom operator T - Mobile value of $3 billion 500 million of the day price, so the competition of 5G has entered the stage of white hot.

The rapid development of 5G communication technology has laid the foundation stone for more applications. Although it is still in the basic construction stage, the industry has made it clear that 2019 is the 5G pre commercial year, and 2020 is the first year of the commercial commercial year. Then there will be more development in the situation application. How far will the holographic communication evolve?

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