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A passionate song reciting the old age, a happy start to welcome the new year ------6COM2019 annual meeting

Writer:DannyNumber of visits: Date:2019-01-23

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to the 2018 years of great achievements and usher in a promising 2019. The annual meeting of 6COM Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Lifeng Hotel on January 18, 2019. On this spring evening, we gathered together to relive our steady and powerful pace, celebrate our performance and share this together. The fruit of the hard work of one year. On this day of the future, we will gather together to hold a happy New Year's party, plan the direction of the future, and cheer for the spirit of the 6COM people's tenacity!

General Manager's Speech·Employee Awards:

  The speech of Mr. Zhu Kuanyu, the general manager, kicked off the party. Mr. Zhu made a comprehensive summary of the company's development in 2018 and put forward the idea of the company's future development. In the 5G era, the company will focus on quality. Strive to go further in product quality. Just like the company's mission: to increase value by quality, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and realize the future for the company.


The development of 6COM is inseparable from the hard work of all Sykesang people. Advanced collectives and outstanding individuals are the cornerstones of enterprise development. At the party, the company's deputy general manager and general manager respectively commended and commended the outstanding employees of each department. In 2018, he was awarded the “Excellent Employees Award” by Lian Junyi, Zhu Houyan, and Xiao Fan; Xu Laihong, Feng Gaosheng, Hu Qing, and Jing Fangfang who received the “Excellent Employee Award”; Lin Zhitao and Yi obtained the “Newcomer Award”. Wen Tao; Hu Xing was awarded the “Project Achievement Award”. Thanks for their great contribution to the company over the past year, and they are also looking forward to their ability to deliver good factors and play the role of role models.In the future,we will go further together with all employees.

Dance and youth,enjoy the stage:


  The charm of life is swaying there, the youthful style is blooming there, the youthful dance shows the vitality of 6COM; the youth is the note of jumping, no one is not impressed by the charm of this song; the acting and humorous acting, humorous humor ,The essays brought us laughter and laughter. The show was full of enthusiasm and climax, bringing you a visual feast.

Year-end draws and happy games:


  In an atmosphere of laughter and laughter, an exciting lottery session was ushered in. From the lucky prize to the special prize, the party was pushed to the climax in a round of applause; one game after another narrowed the 6COM and The distance between people will enable better cooperation in the future and bring the company to the world.


Carrying the youthful style, we walked like spring, singing all the way, laughing all the way, everything in the hope of looking forward to peace and comfort. Today, we gather together and indulge in singing. Tomorrow we will invigorate our spirit and unite our strength. Today we are dedicated and pragmatic and innovative. Tomorrow, our company will take it to the next level, create brilliant future, and then compose new articles. Let us bless, let us hope that our company will be better tomorrow!