Customer Name: HPT

Industry: Internet Solution Provider

Company Size: 60-100 employees

Customer Voice:

We hope that 6COMGIGA will be able to provide a suitable solution to our following requirements:

  1. We need a single-fiber 6-channel Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing device. Based on the assumption that Mux loss is 3 dB and Demux loss is 8.5dB for both indoor and outdoor units, please recommend the SFP and quote us for the drawing.
  2. If SFP Tx and Rx are the same 1271, how do we transfer the signal with only one single fiber?

The Customer’s Drawing:


Based on the customer’s needs, 6COM provided the appropriate solution and recommended the 10G CWDM LR optical modules and CCWDM packing Mux.

The fiber loss can be covered according to the customer’s link assumption. It can save a lot of optical fiber resources and is a more cost-effective and reliable solution.

Setting Lists See Below:


CWDM SFP+ 1470nm 10KM


12CH Wavelength

Customers Advantages

CCWDM Mux Advantages:
CCWDM Mux is smaller than CWDM Mux. They feature lower insertion loss and better consistency.

CWDM SFP Advantages:
Wavelength multiplexing: CWDM technology enables bidirectional communication on the same optical fiber by using optical signals of different wavelengths. Therefore, Tx and Rx use the same wavelength but in opposite directions.

Simplified configuration: Using the same Tx and Rx wavelengths can simplify network configuration and maintenance because there is no need to specify different wavelengths for each link.

Cost-effectiveness: Using the same wavelength can reduce production costs.