6COM 10G EML产品测试报告

2021 / 06 / 04

Our 10G EML product was tested in Wuhan National Laboratory for 168 hours a week, showing excellent performance and stability!

6COM has been committed to high-quality products, and quality is the foundation of survival. We have to do a good job of the three major steps in our products. First step is to check the incoming materials, such as the audit of suppliers, the control and inspection of incoming materials; Second step is our process, our production control ; The third is the final QC inspection. These three links are very important to make sure product’s quality. We unswervingly adhere to our experience and philosophy: cost-effective products, continue to firmly focus on EML products. In the future, 6COM will continue to focus on improving product quality, so that customers have a qualitative leap in the sense of use!