2021 / 06 / 04

18-20 September 2017, Mässan of gothenburg, the famous port city in Sweden, welcomes the annual (ECOC2017) Europe’s largest optical communication exhibition. As a stage fully showing the latest products and the development trend of fiber optic communications industry, ECOC its session will attract the numerous exhibitors around the world gathering exhibition to explore the latest developing trend. Meanwhile, as the main entrance to the lucrative European market, ECOC is also providing exhibitors with potential market opportunities to enter into Southern Europe and the Mediterranean countries.


Based on the color of orange, white, yellow outstanding brand, and product, 6COM presents and sells series of products with intelligent optical transmission speed, long distance ,compatible ability in  ECOC2017, which full displays the company’s advantages strength in developing high-end product, designing the whole industry chain and providing the overall solution.


As one of leading manufacturers of SFP in the world, 6COM shows its own main products-sfp+ xfp sfp transceiver,cwdm dwdm bidi sfp,qsfp cfp modules,sfp cable mux demux,media converter. Because of owning a large number of high-quality professionals in the field of optical communication, the perfect technology and strong technical development capability, 6COM  provides customers with products of high performance and low cost. At the same time, 6COM, with powerful sales network and perfect technical service, devotes himself  to provide high quality services for overseas markets.