产品型号: 6C-QSFP-DD-ER4

传输速率: 400G

波长: 1270~1310

器件类型: APD+PIN

发射光功率: 0.4~6.5

接收灵敏度: -16.5~-2.5

温度范围: 0°C – 70°C

光纤类型: SMF

接口类型: LC

数字诊断: with

传输距离: 40km

产品证书: CE, RoHS, FCC

品牌: 6COM


  • Hot- pluggable QSFP-DD Package
  • 4-chanle full duplex Transmitter-Receiver,LC connector
  • 4-chanle cooled LAN-WDM EML Transmitter & APD ROSA
  • Support 200G AUI-8(26.5625GBd NRZ)and 200G AUI-4(26.5625GBd PAM4) electrical interface
  • Compliance with QSFP-DD MSA & IEEE 802.3cn 200GBASE-ER4 Ethernet criterion
  • Up to 40km single-mode fiber
  • 12W Power consumption
  • Compliance with CMIS V4.0
  • Support DDM function
  • Compliance with RoHS2.0


  • 400Gb Ethernet interconnect
  • Switch to switch connectivity
  • High performance computing