6COM New Product 100G QSFP28 100km Release

2022 / 07 / 13

This product has the characteristics of low power consumption and small size, and its power budget is significantly higher than the industry’s 100G QSFP28 ZR4 optical module. It uses an ultra-low-cost non-coherent solution to achieve high-quality point-to-point transmission up to 100km without repeaters. Scenarios where the state is not ideal, the link loss is large, and there are many nodes. It can be used as a low-cost alternative to expensive coherent solutions in ultra-long-haul transmission scenarios, and has strong technical advantages and cost competitiveness in the domestic and foreign metro optical module markets.

The 100G QSFP28 100km optical module follows the SFF-8679 protocol, adopts the standard QSFP28 optical module package and dual-channel LC optical fiber interface, continues the mainstream 4*25G NRZ code, the electrical port follows the IEEE 802.3bm CAUI-4 standard, and the optical port adopts LAN-WDM Classic wavelength division multiplexing. Compared with the common 100G QSFP28 ZR4 optical module in the industry, the 100G QSFP28 100km optical module improves the laser output power, the temperature characteristics and noise characteristics of the semiconductor amplifier in terms of chip design, and optimizes the optical path coupling efficiency in terms of device packaging design and process. At the same time, special filters are used to achieve noise optimization, improve TIA power supply noise, reduce crosstalk between channels, greatly increase the comprehensive link budget, and fully guarantee the ultra-long-distance high-quality transmission of 100Gb/s optical signals.