6COM series products have acquired TUV certificate

2020 / 03 / 19

6COM series products have acquired TUV certificate. TUVs were founded in the late 1800s following a steam boiler explosion at a Mannheim brewery. A group of engineers founded the Steam Boiler Inspection Association (Dampfkessel Überwachungsverein | DUV) and similar associations formed across other German cities. By 1877, the associations had come together to issue the first set of construction and maintenance standards for boilers. By 1906, DUVs were also responsible for inspection services on electrical products, elevators, and vehicles. In 1938, the 37 DUV associations reorganized into 17 TUVs that are now responsible for everything from commercial lighting products to medical device regulations.

A TUV certification means a sampling of the product has been tested for safety and found to meet the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.The TüV mark is a safety certification mark customized by German TüV for component products and is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. After the products have passed the certification, TüV of Germany will come forward to inquire the rectifier manufacturers of qualified component suppliers to recommend these products; in the process of complete machine certification, all components that have obtained the TüV mark are exempt from inspection.

The purpose of applying safety standards is to prevent personal injury and property damage caused by various hazards that may occur during the use of household appliances, mechanical products, and automotive products. Including electric shock or electric shock, excessive temperature or fire, mechanical hazards, radiological hazards, and chemical hazards.