• 25G SFP28
  • 25G SFP28

    Applications using 25G Gigabit Ethernet
    Applications using either OC-192/STM-64, 25G Ethernet, or Wireless/CPRI
    Up to 28Gbps Data Links

Part Number Data Rate Wavelength (nm) Source Tx Power (dBm) Rx Sens (dBm) Temperature Media Type Connector DDM Reach
25G 850 VCESL+PIN -8.4~+2.4 -10.3 0°C~+70°C MMF LC with 100m
25G 1310 DFB+PIN -7~+2 -11 0°C~+70°C SMF LC with 10km
25G 1310 EML+APD -1.6~+6 -19 0°C~+70°C SMF LC with 40km
25G LANWDM EML LWDM + APD 0~6dBm <-19dBm -40~85℃ SMF LC Duplex with 40km