Customer Name: WNET

Industry: Internet Service Provider

Company Size: 50-100 employees

Country: United States 

Customer Profile:

We are a PBS member television station serving the New York City area. In our latest project, we are deploying a 7-city AlienWave network. The different widths ( 50GHz or 100Ghz grid ) on the different segments are divided into several steps to deploy. The link length is 167 km, and the acceptable link attenuation is 53dB for 167 km. We hope 6COMGIGA can provide a dual-fiber DWDM solution and product quote for us according to the topology attachment.


WNET aimed to establish a 100Ghz DWDM system between Site 1 and Site 2, accommodating 100/200/400G coherent solutions. The challenge lay in crafting a solution that met their capacity needs and remained cost-effective.

Figure 1: Part of the project topology diagram


The 6COMGIGA technical support solution team recommends 400G coherent transceivers with a DCI system directly instead of 4*100G & 2*200G solutions to address the customer’s requirements efficiently. By opting for 400G coherent CFP2 modules, WNET could maximize capacity while minimizing expenses, making it a highly viable solution for their project. For instance, n pcs 400G coherent CFP2 is much cheaper than 2n pcs 200G coherent CFP2.

Active coherent vs. passive DWDM solution advantages:

  1. No need to consider DCM during long distances transition
  2. OSNR of coherent tolerance is much better than the passive solution
  3. Transition capacities of coherent can do a maximum of 25.6T via dual fiber than passive WDM solution in future high-speed data centers application environment.


Related Products:

6C900-CH2U08 6C900-400GCM41 DWDM-CFP2-450KM 6C-QSFP28-LR4
8 Slots 2U Managed Chassis Platform Unloaded For OTN Transmission 1x 400G QSFP-DD/4x100G QSFP28 to 1x400G CFP2 DCI Muxponder For 6C900 Chassis 400G CFP2-DCO Coherent Transceiver, 96 Waves Tunable, LC Duplex 100GBASE-LR4 QSFP28 1310nm 10KM DDM
4 slots for business card, and 2 Slot for network Management card Used in FW8800 take 1 slot used in 400G Muxponder Card Used in 400G Muxponder Card and Switches
6C-1U-D40XXXX 6C860-P2016N 6C860-P1625N
DWDM Mux Demux, 100GHz, 40CH(C21-C60), Dual Fiber, LC/UPC, with 1310 & Mon port, 1U rack IL<3.5db 16dB Gain, 20dBm Output, EDFA Booster Amplifier (BA) 25dB Gain, 16dBm Output, DWDM EDFA Pre-Amplifier (PA)


Customer Benefits

6COMGIGA helps the client consider the best and most cost-effective solutions to lay out the project’s construction. Through 6COMGIGA’s expertise, the customer gained several vital benefits:

Cost-effectiveness: By optimizing their solution with 400G coherent transceivers, WNET achieved significant cost savings without compromising performance.

Channel Optimization: The solution enabled WNET to save more occupied channels, maximizing efficiency across their network infrastructure.

Flexible Remote Management: Active coherent technology facilitated more flexible remote management capabilities than traditional OTN systems.

Fan Control: The management and speed of the fan are under control and are aligned with their specific operational requirements.