4 Channels 1270-1330nm,with Monitor and Expansion Port, LC/UPC, Dual Fiber, Low Insertion Loss CWDM Mux Demux, FMU Plug-in Module

1. CWDM MUX DEMUX, enables multiplexing of up to 4 channels on a fiber pair.
2. Passive, protocol transparent for Ethernet, FC, OTN, SONET/SDH, and other communication protocols.
3. Fully compatible with all ITU-T 1G/10G/25G CWDM optics.
4. Commonly used in Metro and Regional CWDM networks.

Wavelength 4 channels 1270-1330nm Channel Spacing 20nm
Channel Passband ±6.5nm Technology TFF (Thin Film Filter)
Insertion Loss Regular :≤ 1.5dB Link Loss ≤ 2.2dB
Insertion Loss @ 1% Mon ≤ 26dB Center Wavelength Accuracy ±0.05nm
Return Loss ≥ 45dB Directivity ≥ 45dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion ≤ 0.1ps Polarization Dependent Loss ≤ 0.3dB
Channel Isolation Adjacent ≥30dB
Non-adjacent ≥ 45dB
Temperature Operating -40 to 85°C
Storage -40 to 85°C
Net Weight FMUC Plug-in Module: 0.5KG
2slot 1U Rack: 3.5KG
Dimensions FMUC Plug-in Module: 212*255*44mm
1U Rack : 482*261*44mm

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