DWDM-CFP-2500KM, 100G CFP-DCO Coherent Transceiver, 96 waves Tunable, LC Duplex

  1. The maximum power consumption of the device’s Inphi Chip is 21W/28W.
  2. Quality, reliability, and superior performance are ensured through testing in specific switches.
  3. The device offers various electrical interfaces, such as OTL4.10 and CAUI-10.
  4. It is designed in a CFP form factor that allows for hot-plugging.
  5. The high-speed electrical components meet the standards of IEEE 802.3ba.
  6. The device fully adheres to CFP MSA standards.
  7. The digital optical monitoring feature of the device provides effective diagnostic capabilities.
  8. The device is compliant with Class 1 Laser Safety regulations.
Part Number DWDM-CFP-2500KM Vendor Name 6COM
Form Factor CFP Max Data Rate 100Gbps
Grid Spacing 50GHz Frequency Range 191.3 to 196.05THz
Optical channels 80/96 Tunable Wavelength 50GHZ(1567.13~1529.16)
Transmission Protocols 100G/OTU4 Max Cable Distance 2500KM
Connector Duplex LC Media SMF
Tx output power -6.5~-0.5dBm Input Power Range -18~0dBm
Line Modulation DP-QPSK Power Consumption ≤24W
Host FEC Supported Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Protocols CFP MSA Management Interface Specification 2.2 with modifications compliant
IEEE 802.3bm
Warranty 3 Years
Rate Model Name Description
DWDM-QDD-400G-120KM 400G QSFP-DD-DCO DWDM 120KM Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-QDD-400G-80KM 400G QSFP-DD-DCO DWDM 80KM Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP2-400G-450KM 400G CFP2-DCO DWDM 450km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP2-200G-1000KM 200G CFP2-DCO DWDM 1000km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP2-200G-2000KM 200G CFP2-DCO DWDM 2000km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP2-100G-1200KM 100G CFP2-DCO DWDM 1200km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP2-100G-2500KM 100G CFP2-DCO DWDM 25000km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP-100G-1200KM 100G CFP-DCO DWDM 1200km Coherent Transceiver Module
DWDM-CFP-100G-2500KM 100G CFP-DCO DWDM 2500km Coherent Transceiver Module

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