Discover the most efficient fiber network devices and solutions

400G/200G Transceviers

400G 200G optical modules and DAC/AOC are mainly used in large data centers. Our 400G 200G product models are complete, and the price is lower than other merchants.

25G/40G/100G Transceivers

These modules are used in 5G fronthaul, small and medium data centers, and campus networks. The modules we provide are highly reliable, widely compatible, and can save costs for your network solutions.

1G/10G Transceivers

1G/10G optical modules and DAC AOC are widely used in access layer equipment and are the optical modules with the highest share today. Our products can provide strong compatibility and build your primary network at an efficiency cost.

Passive optical networking

Our MUXs and OADMs maximize your fiber resources for greater benefits for you.

Active OTN sereis cards

Extensive Transponder/Muxponder for flexible upgrade and line card expansion capabilities. Boost your network transmission with great power and efficiency.

Network Switches

1G POE devices and 1/10G media coverters are available for personal and surveillance networks.

Case study

Case Studies

A Cost-effective and Reliable CWDM Solution for HPT

Background Customer Name: HPT Industry: Internet Solution Provider Company Size: 60-100 employees Customer Voice: We hope that 6COMGIGA will be able to provide a suitable solution to our following requirements:…
Case Studies

Passive WDM Solution Case Study

Background Customer: KHK Telecom Industry: Telecom Operators Company Size: 10,000 staff Customer Voice: What is the difference between dual & single fiber passive 8ch CWDM mux/demux solution? What kind of…
Case Studies

100 to 400G DWDM Solution Upgrade for 7 Sites

Background Customer Name: IPNX Industry: Internet Solution Provider Company Size: 500-1000 staff Customer Voice: We intend to upgrade our backbone from 100G to 400G using a DWDM solution i.e using…