Customer Name: ESA Network Ro. 

Industry: Date Center

Company Size: 100 staff

Country: Romania 


The customer needs 10G DWDM to achieve transmission over three server rooms.

  1. Site A to C 42.85 km. And there was no power in site B.
  2. Make sure end-to-end connectivity to meet present and future business demands.


  1. The 6COM technical team suggests two pairs of 16CH DWDM multiplexers/demultiplexers in the 42.85km long-distance transmission between site A and site C.
  2. And considering the customer’s future network expansion, 8 channels are reserved between every two sites for future transmission.
  3. By using EDFA at points A and C, we can compensate for the large fiber loss caused by insufficient power supply at site B during the transmission process.  By introducing a preamplifier on the transmit side of the fiber end, the optical signal is enhanced.
  4. 6COM Team installed optical attenuators further to improve the network transmission efficiency at customer B site.

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6C-1U-D16XXXX 16 Channels DWDM Mux Demux, 100GHZ, Dual Fiber, LC/UPC, TFF (Thin Film Filter)

Solution Advantage

With the advancement of DWDM technology, it has become the preferred solution for enterprises in long-distance transmission due to its unique advantages such as increasing bandwidth and maximizing the use of optical fiber.

  1. Achieve efficient long-distance network transmission across three sites.
  2. EDFA enhances signal transmission to reduce fiber loss.
  3. Achieving signal adaptation to ensure transmission efficiency.