6COM Provides You With Professional Service & Support

24/7 on hand support service to ensure cost-effective solution, reliable connectivity and trusted networks

Network Design Services

6COM provides free optical network design services. Include a list of equipment, requirements to match network tasks, and future needs, as well as recommendations for spare parts. This service will provide you with compatible interoperability with third- party device, wavelength management, link power budget, calculations for signal amplification and fiber dispersion.

For storage networks using Fibre Channel or FICON protocols, we can provide buffer-to-buffer (BB) credit allocation rules to ensure full network capacity.

For 5G base station construction, we provide complete fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul solutions for physical layers of different network sites. 6COM’s professional team will provide you with solutions that take into account both performance and cost to meet current and future needs.

Contact 6COM to obtain a complete network design service, just send the survey file for the network design, and the network diagram showing the fibers and sites connectivity layout to sales@6comgiga.com.

Technical Support

We look forward to helping customers provide excellent solutions through our professional and technical capabilities to meet their different needs for network connection quality and cost considerations. We design a network solution, we hope that it can not only meet the current needs, but also meet the needs of whether we can adapt to the future. 6COM has many technicians who are proficient in optical communication industry, including WDM, MUX, Switch, etc. Every customer can get our quick support. We can provide customers with any support they need during installation and maintenance. Our technical support service provides 24/7/365 support at any time. With our support, you can directly talk to engineers of 6COM.

OEM Service

6COM has more than ten years of experience in OEM and ODM cooperation with well-known overseas companies. We provide OEM services for optical module products through our professional technicians and production lines. Including technical support for module production, information and packaging. This service is provided at a premium price.

Warranty Service

6COM provides customers with warranty services. Within the allowed standard window period, customers can return products for repair or replacement free of charge, such as optical modules or switches. With this service, you can buy any product you want at 6COM with confidence, without any worries.


Comprehensive Compatibility Testing

6COM conducts compatibility testing on various switches from different brands to ensure the compatibility of the modules, allowing customers to purchase modules that are fully compatible with their devices. We also provide detailed test reports, allowing you to see how the testing results fare on corresponding brand switches.

Order Delivery

The following video will show you how 6COM handles your orders, including pre-sales processing, product inspection, packaging, and shipping.


We will tell you how to seek assistance from 6COM when encountering after-sales issues with our optical module products.