Compatible Optics Testing and Verification System

Guard You Robust Network Reliability

As the premier OEM alternative, our success is rooted in stringent quality control, testing, and validation. Backed by a robust network hardware compatibility testing approach and a skilled engineering team, our Compatible Optics Testing and Verification System ensures flawless transceiver quality, performance, and reliability – guarding your network’s robustness.

Quality Control Management

6comgiga has developed a complete quality management system from the source. From supplier selection, incoming quality control (IQC), production line standardization, and on-site testing to pre-shipment inspection, all staff of 6COM practice quality.

In-Coming Quality Control (IQC)

Inspect the mechanical outline, size, and end face of the sub-components, including IC, PCBA, Diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Then conduct an AQL sampling plan. Ensure no defective accessories come into the production line. We promise to use the highest quality components available.

Optical Sub-Assembly Performance Testing

Before surface-mounting, IQC operator tests the Photoelectric index of the transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA), receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA), or bi-directional optical sub-assembly (BOSA) to filter out qualified components. Parameters include optical power, extinction ratio, receiving sensitivity, threshold, etc.

Post-Assembly Comprehensive Testing

Operators should implement the following testing programs on-site while wearing ESD wristbands: management check, visual inspection, mechanical inspection, microscope inspection, and performance testing.

Wavelength Measurement

Label and Pre-Shipment Inspection

Verify the label, package, model, quantity for shipment. Each order can only be shipped
out after the verification and signature of the tester.

High/Low Temperature Cycle Testing

Lab Reliability Validation

Transceiver performance is pivotal for network reliability. 6COM’s dedicated testing lab, led by a skilled team of 10 engineers and equipped with 50+ advanced testing equipment from industry leaders, conducts comprehensive in-house tests. We meticulously assess reliability through real-world simulations, ensuring our transceivers meet top standards and strengthen network dependability.

Comprehensive Performance Test

Aging Relibility Test

Evaluate the durability and longevity of transceiver products in the ultimate environment. By subjecting transceivers to accelerated aging conditions and replicating years of usage within a compressed timeframe, this rigorous process allows us to predict how our transceivers will perform over time, ensuring their reliability in real-world scenarios.

Transceiver Compatibility Test

OEM Coding

Every module is meticulously coded and written to align with OEM transceiver benchmarks. The precision of 6COM’s EEPROM coding empowers you with a diverse selection of 100+ reputable brands, ensuring high-quality compatible optics for your project.

Brand Swithes Testing

The engineer validates each transceiver within the OEM environment to ensure full compatibility with the OEM systems. Download our transceiver OEM coding test reports to check optic-to-device compatibility and interoperability.


6comgiga adheres to the most stringent industry standards from global leaders. Our optical transceivers have been tested under harsh quality compliance to deliver rest-assured products to support your project.


Experience peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on our transceiver products, providing coverage for the entire theoretical lifespan of the modules. Reach out to for details.